Women’s Studded Icebug Wool Sund Boot

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Lightweight, water repellent, with a fleece liner and recycled polyester insulation, the best part about the IceBug Sund Wool BUGrip Women's Boot could be its easy on, easy off, zip entry. Or it could be its BUGrip® carbide steel tip studs designed to work with the sole for the right grip for the right surface, whether your winter is spent traversing asphalt or ice. The long zipper has a gusset to prevent slush from sneaking into your boot, the mid-height shaft keeps the snow out, and the wide, comfortable, last means you've got plenty of cozy around your toes to trap warm air. Stay out longer and stride with confidence, in a pair of boots that slide on easily with a zip closure. Designed for the woman who lives her winter life primarily on urban surfaces these will take you around a mountain town as well where the ice, snow, and slush are even more challenging. You no longer have to struggle with trying to pull crampons over your boots to get the winter grip you want, now 16 carbide studs are built into the sole, designed to move and grip dynamically for stability on surfaces from tarmac to packed snow, to frank ice. A classic winter boot with BUGrip® from a company with an impressive commitment to green manufacturing and materials.