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Karl Becker Art

I am a watercolor painter of realist landscapes and architecture though I also explore other themes, primarily birds. As a compulsive field sketcher, I strive for accurately drawn images that convey my emotional responses to my subject matter. As a birder I am drawn to paint birds in all of their postures and colors. I enjoy depicting birds in their natural habitats as well as using them as elements of design in settings I have created.

I have been sketching and painting watercolors in the vicinity of Cordova and Prince William Sound for over 40 years. When I am painting in my studio, I work primarily from my field sketches supplemented by photographs for details. I enjoy painting outdoors and usually finish my paintings in the studio.

My goal is to capture the character of the landscape, architecture, and wildlife with an eye to the effects of light and weather. My works are visual souvenirs of my experiences at home and on my travels. I want the viewer to feel the emotional impact of my subjects as I did when I sketched and painted them. In essence, the landscape, the built environment, and wildlife are my muses. There will always be much to learn.


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