Lightweight Windproof Bicycle Bar Mitts Pogies

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Fatbiking offers adventures that are near impossible to achieve through the regular cycling season. Frosty temps send most riders to the mountains for alpine activities, or hunkering in their houses to stay toasty through the cold. Instead, toss a pair of Draugenklaw Pogies on your steed and shield your mitts from the icy winds. A lighter weight protection that skips insulation, and opts instead for total wind protection, so you can toss on an insulating glove underneath and dress for the current temperatures, rather than dressing a Siberian apocalypse regardless of what the thermometer tells you. A more open design makes it easier to get your hands in and out for riding singletrack, or commuting when you need to have the freedom to move your arms to signal to motorists around you. They connect to your bar with a zippered closure, and a bar-end mount that secure to your bar, plus a hook-and-loop strap that cinches around your bar. Reflective wrist cuffs add a boost of visibility to help you stay seen while you ride.

  • Gust-proof pogies to shield yourself from icy winds
  • Secures to your bars with zippered closure, bar end mount
  • Hook and loop strap keeps gusts out from inner part of grip
  • Wide open design makes it easy to get your hands in and out
  • Un-insulated design allows you to customize warmth based on weather
  • Reflective accents help boost low-light visibility