Super Armadillo Nano Gaitors

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The Super Armadillo Nano gaiter by Hillsound is the most resilient and high tech gaiter on the market, offering Schoeller fabrics with premier breathable, waterproof and stretch capabilities. With SuperFabric at its base, the Super Armadillo Nano provides the ultimate in anti-abrasion and slash resistance. Schoeller C_Change is a wind and waterproof membrane that independently reacts to changing temperatures and activities. Depending on the situation, breathability or heat-retention increases or decreases to maintain comfort. NanoSphere is Schoeller's nanotech-based finish that mimics the natural self-cleaning of certain plants whose leaves remain clean because dirt cannot adhere to the surface.

With SuperFabric at its base, providing the ultimate in anti-abrasion and slash resistance technology where you need it most, the Super Armadillo Nano gaiter can withstand and endure the adventures you encounter. When comfort is your saving-grace on the mountain, the Schoeller C_change with NanoSphere will give you a snug, breathable, barely-there-feel hugging your calf. It allows you to flex and move without restriction.