Ski Skin Tip and Tail Kits

Ski Skin Tip and Tail Kits

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Use universal tip and tail kits to modify your skins to fit any skis. Easy to install, directions included.

Ski Skin Tail Kit - Tail strap, tail clips, and mounting hardware,  tapered cut to reduce drag.

Skin Adjustable Tip Loop Kit - Adjustable cable loop system that attaches your skins securely to the tips of your skis. Includes all necessary hardware.

Oversize Tip Cables - Replacement oversize flexible cables for Adjustable Loop tips for fitting larger skis. Without attachment hardware. 

Ultralite Tip Loop Kit - Ultralight bar and rope system that affixes to skin tips with breakable screws. Includes hardware.

ClipFix Kit - Two fixed length camming tailpieces and hardware to hold skins firmly in place, even if they’re wet or their glue is less than new.