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Sabretooth Clip Crampon

Sabretooth Clip Crampon

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An all-around crampon for icy climbs, classic or technical. The tough, stainless steel teeth are durable yet lightweight, so you can get the traction you need without having to lug an extra-heavy foot along the way. The flexible toe strap on the clip model works with any boot, specifically those without a toe welt, while the back accommodates boots with a heel welt. Dig into the mountain.

  • Redesigned stainless steel construction is durable, resists snowballing and won't rust
  • Versatile horizontal frontpoints and technical secondary points
  • Low-profile micro-adjust heel bail offers precision fit
  • Pro version accommodates boots with a toe welt
  • Clip version features flexible toe strap for boots without a toe welt
  • Includes front and rear dual-density ABS

One size fits most 4-11 (36-46)