Prospect Enduro Goggles

Prospect Enduro Goggles

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The Prospect Enduro safety glasses are equipped with the same outstanding features as the Prospect. It comes with a double lens that prevents fogging and offers Enduro riders a maximum field of vision. It also comes with the innovative Lens Lock System and the new NoSweat Face Foam. To prevent the safety goggles from slipping, they have an extra-wide resistant strap with silicone. Together with the outrigger system, the strap ensures a significantly improved interplay of glasses and helmet.


  • lens locking system
  • outrigger system
  • NoSweat 3-ply moulded Face Foam
  • extra wide resistant Strap with silicone


  • Scott TruView double Visor
  • Air Control System (ACS)
  • NoFog™ Anti-fog coating