Origami Fat Bike Fender

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We've given the original fat bike fender a facelift! The Mud Shovel 6.5 was designed specifically for fat bikes - they're extra long and wide to block the muck, snow or sand you'll ride through on your next fat bike adventure. Made of heavy-duty polymer, the Mud Shovel 6.5 is super lightweight but sturdy enough to take years of bad weather abuse.  The front mount uses a simple strap system that attaches to any traditional down tube without marring the finish, the rear fender mounts in seconds to your seatpost for easy on/off depending on riding and weather conditions.

Fenders are a blessing when the roads are wet. But, they can also be bulky, an eyesore, and a brittle, failure-prone accessory. While the cycling community has seen its share of fender innovation, most of these advancements have turned into novelty gimmicks.The lightweight Portland Design Works Origami Fendersports some innovation that actually works and adds to the fenders' versatility. The best thing about the Origami fender is its incredibly flexible construction. Don't need spray protection in the morning? No problem, just pull the Origami off, fold it up, stash it in your bag, and get on with your commute.