Mineral Sunscreen

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These sunscreens offer the same broad spectrum protection (from both UVA and UVB rays) as conventional sunscreens, without relying on toxic ingredients. We do this by avoiding the “Awful Eight” and using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead.

When you do right by your body, you do right by the ocean (and vice versa). Join surfers, kayakers, canoers, explorers, divers, swimmers, conservationists, and ocean lovers in enjoying our ocean and making sure we protect the ocean from toxic chemicals. Pledging to take care of yourself and the environment by buying reef-friendly sunscreen lotion and cosmetic products.  Several studies have shown that the most common chemical, oxybenzone, actually damages the DNA of young coral reefs and disrupts their normal growth and development. This inhibits coral’s ability to reproduce healthily and causes physical deformities that make them even more susceptible to coral bleaching. Chemical-based sunscreens have been found to cause viral infection and starvation in corals, and can be equally toxic to other marine wildlife species, like fish.