Charty Party Card Game

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Frequently described as "Cards Against Humanity for nerds," Charty Party cleverly challenges players to create hilarious and goofy charts. Gameplay is simple: for each round, one player is selected to be the "Judge" and flips over a chart card (with topics ranging from age to anxiety level). Everyone else anonymously plays their funniest orange card to name the "Y Axis" (vertical side) of the chart. The judge presents each chart + card combo, and picks a winner based on which one they found funniest!

  • Smart, fresh take on a popular gameplay style
  • Learn to play in under a minute
  • Humor style leans towards clever rather than offensive
  • 4,000+ copies sold in pre-launch crowdfunding campaign
  • "It's like Cards Against Humanity for nerds"
  • All Ages and Adult versions available