Bike Repair Service

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Bike repair minimum is $25 plus tax.  If you would like to have your bike repaired please choose this product to begin scheduling service.  

Your repair total may exceed this amount, we will notify you to approve repair that is more than $250.  We will contact you to schedule drop off and pick up time. 

Please choose to save your card, to enable electronically processing your final payment.

Electric Bike Repair Policy:

We can perform repairs on the electrical system of bikes with Bosch or Shimano (UL Certified) drive systems. 

Ebikes that do not have Bosch or Shimano drive systems require an appointment and inspection by a mechanic to determine if we can accept the bike for repair.  We can only work on the bicycle specific components on these bikes and will not do any electrical system service.

Certain bikes cannot be accepted for safety and liability reasons.

Batteries must be removed from the bike in order for us to accept it into the shop.

 For liability reasons we are unable to remove wheels from bikes with hub drive motors.  These motors can be located in the front or rear wheel.  We can do other mechanical component service to these bikes as long as it does not require wheel removal. The customer may remove wheels themselves and bring it into the shop for wheel or tire service.