Winter Biking With Studded Tires

Winter bike riding with studded tires is a safe and rewarding activity, though it does require some specific considerations beyond summer riding. When making a turn with studded tires on ice it's important to not lean too far as the tires will slip out if there are not enough studs contacting the surface to keep traction. Instead in winter it's best to slow down and keep the bike as close to upright as possible while initiating turn. Studded tires offer excellent traction on snowy and most icy surfaces, although traction will vary depending on how slick the surface is, always be aware of changes to the surface as you are riding. Even with studded tires it's easier to lock up tires when braking on a slick surface , never grab brakes too hard or suddenly as it could cause you to lose control.  Additionally riding in winter with the cold temperatures you will have to wear warmer clothing, including a good pair of winter gloves. Using gloves with the shift and brake controls on a bike can make it harder to grab brakes and shift levers, although with a little practice it will start to come naturally. Mittens are not recommended for winter riding as they make it harder to keep a firm grip on handlebars when reaching for brake levers.

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