We love to celebrate, appreciate our world and want to share the fun!

This season, Alaska Adventure Shop and Cordova Gear will be adding specials to our website store every few days.   You can easily get geared up AND prepare your gift giving without the rush,  save money and enjoy your gift planning. 

We wish everyone an enjoyable November and December.  Take time to spend time with family and friends, get outside and enjoy nature.  There is so much to see and experience either in solitude or with a family member or friend, take time to look around you and appreciate your area, no matter where you are.  Once you start taking time to look, you will be surprised at the amazing things you will see that are right near by.

If you are looking for small ways to learn and experience more of the world right in your back yard, or anywhere you are, consider signing up for a nature journaling class. Our neighbors and friends at The Net Loft have some amazing learning opportunities!  Here is a link to a wonderful introduction to water color journaling! 


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