Traction makes the slippery season fun!

Traction - Stay upright and injury free this winter.  It just takes one slip to cause an injury that can take a very long time to heal.  Slippery boardwalks, muddy trails and ice can stop or slow even the most adventurous person.  Do you want to stop getting your daily walk or taking the pup out as the weather gets colder, rainier and snowy?  Of course not, we all need fresh air and outdoor time, it makes everyone happier, more energized and healthier. 

Here are a few suggestions on ways to stay upright and get outside as the weather changes. 

Get some traction footwear.  Studded shoes and boots are a wonderful invention and can make the darker season much easier.  Below is a link to a few of the traction footwear styles that will make your winter much more enjoyable.  Remember, studded footwear is not just for winter, these shoes work on slippery boardwalks & muddy trails too.  Once you get a pair you will always want 4 wheel drive for your feet!

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