Giving Thanks. Creating joy and appreciation in our world.

So many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This year Alaska Adventure Shop, Cordova Gear, The Net Loft, The Cordova Historical Society, Cordova Chamber of Commerce and Cordova Trail and Covered Spaces Volunteer Group challenge you to think about ways to give and create joy and to be thankful for the opportunity of making the world a better place by creating joy.  One of the ways to create joy is to help with a project that will encourage everyone to appreciate this earth and nature.  

Our group in Cordova, Alaska have been working on the Cordova Trail and Covered Spaces project that will help anyone get outside in any weather and stop, small, see, experience the natural beauty of our world that we thankfully have the opportunity to live in.  

You can help with this project by donating or volunteering to help.  More info: Cordova Trail and Covered Spaces

You can join this project, or you can find ways to create other ways to create joy.  Yes, we challenge you to change the world!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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