David Rosenthal Art

Art & Science, Original Oil Painting Art by David Rosenthal Alaskan artist living in Cordova Alaska. Landscape Art in a Changing Climate. David's scientific interests have helped create a visual historic record of landscapes in many different parts of the world, especially in the Arctic and Antarctic environments.  David began ocumenting Ice, Glaciers, Greenland, Arctic and Antarctic landscapes in a rapidly changing climate more than 30 years ago. Contact David to take a class, buy a painting or visit the David Rosenthal Studio in Cordova, Alaska.   Art by David Rosenthal  Alaskan artist living in Cordova Alaska depicts a visual record of Antarctic and arctic landscapes from Greenland to Antarctica. Original art with exhibits of both art and science, David Rosenthal Art -Alaska Adventure Shop. More information at http://www.antarcticpaintings.com and traveling exhibit http://paintingattheendoftheiceage
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